Beauty Belle Tip: Banana for Acne


A woman who wants to remain youthful for life should eat one banana every day. ~ Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa {Food as Medicine}

Thanks to Bethenny {a slight guilty pleasure}, I heard about this great beauty tip.

Banana peel for pimples

Use the inside of a banana peel, which is rich in nutrients, and rub directly onto affected acne area. You can feel the potassium workin’ its magic. It is suggested you rub the peel on the pimple for 10 minutes.

This also works well for a bug bite—to decrease swelling and irration.

Want more? Try a Banana Face Mask.

Scrape out the inside peel of the banana and layer it onto your face. For a thicker mask, you can mush up some of the banana—a few slices goes a long way, so I’d suggest using no more than 1/4 of the banana. It is very moisturizing and cheap!

Try my Banana Nut Butter Pouch for breakfast.