Well Tip: Mindful Mid-Day Snacks.


Finger fruits & veggies are my favorite little snack.

A lot of us eat when we’re working or bored and rush to the fridge to have food disguise what we’re actually feeling. First, take a moment, breathe and calm down. Maybe you’re not actually hungry but need to take a walk or read or do yoga. Maybe you’re dehydrated and need to slurp down some water. If you are actually a little hungry, I try to find foods that are fun to eat and also soothe that boredom. Grapes, cherries, cut up peppers, orange slices, apple slices, cut up cucumber, olives…you get the idea. These foods take more time to eat. I especially like cherries and olives because you really have to think about what you’re eating and do a little more work to eat around the pit. So many of us just eat to eat so these little finger foods slow your eating down a bit. By eating more slowly, breathing in between, you will actually eat a lot less.

The Facts:

Grapes increase energy, and build blood and body fluids. They cleanse the kidneys, lungs, liver, spleen and stomach. Their skins promote cell health and longevity. They are high in vitamin k and manganese. They are an anticarcinogen. Grapes are also a treat when frozen.

Grapes are one of the top 12 most pesticide-contaminated foods so buy organic. Avoid all grapes from Chile as they are blasted with methyl bromide.

Cherries remove excess body acid and help increase blood circulation. They are packed with anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and anti-cancer compounds—found in quercetin, ellagic acid and perillyl alcohol in cherries. Make sure to buy organic cherries.